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Endodontic Therapy And Root Canals In North Vancouver

Pain, sensitivity, swelling and pressure are signs that may tell you a root canal treatment is required. Walk into District Dental for endodontic therapy and root canals in North Vancouver. If one of your teeth has become injured or diseased, that does not necessarily mean you have to lose it. At District Dental, we perform professional endodontic therapy, also known as a root canal.

Root Canal Dentistry

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that involves the removal of bacteria from the pulp of the tooth. In the case of deep infection, a root canal treatment becomes necessary. An untreated infection can lead to complications and further decay. Eliminating the pulp in the root canal procedure treats the infection and pain and also helps in preserving the natural tooth structure. This treatment makes it possible for you to save your afflicted tooth, and with the proper care, it can continue to last just as long as your natural teeth. In some cases, you may need a crown on the tooth.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Get your injured or diseased teeth treated by professional dentists.

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