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Emergency Dentist in North Vancouver - Come to Us for All Your Dental Emergencies

At District Dental, your trusted emergency dentist in North Vancouver, we know dental accidents happen at the most unfortunate of times. This is why our team is ready for walk-ins and offers emergency dental services.

When such accidents happen, we know there are a million questions rushing through your mind. At District Dental, we’re here to answer your questions and help you navigate these stressful times.


First, you should know that not all dental problems require emergency dental services. If you’re dealing with mouth sores, broken braces or broken dentures, you don’t need emergency dental services. If you’re dealing with more severe dental problems, you should contact us right away. Here is a list of problems that require immediate dental attention and what you should do in the meantime.

Seek Emergency Dental Services When:

One or more teeth have been knocked out. What you should do: put the tooth back in its place. Use a cold, wet compress to help with any bleeding. If it won’t hold in place, keep it in milk or water. When you get treatment within an hour of losing your tooth, it can usually be saved. Call us immediately.

Your jaw hurts and you can’t open and close your mouth normally. Your jaw might be broken, fractured or dislocated. Don’t waste any time. Go to the closest emergency room and Call us immediately.

You’re experiencing severe toothache. Toothache rarely goes away on its own and rarely appears out of nowhere. If you’ve been enduring this pain and can’t take it any longer, you could be dealing with serious dental problems. Take some painkillers such as acetaminophen or aspirin and give us a call for emergency dental services to have this taken care of right away.

You have a fracture on your tooth. There’s damage to the enamel, dentin and pulp. What you should do: put some soft wax on the fractured tooth, call us immediately and head to our office as quickly as possible.

Dr. King at District Dental is the emergency dentist North Vancouver residents know has the experience they can trust. Don’t let an unfortunate accident ruin your precious smile. Get in touch with us right away at our North Vancouver office by calling 604-980-7581.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Care

Come to us in case of any dental emergencies.

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